LAB : Cyrille Robin Photography

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Nostalgic Collection
of Hollywood Filming Location - 2009/2019

I was born in the 80’s in a small town in France. My collection of recorded VHS was an obsession. American movies from this period let me fantasise how amazing were landscapes, people and cities overseas. Later, I moved to Paris, the house and furnitures from my childhood disappeared, as well as the 20th century.

I drove all around USA looking for the shooting locations of my chilhood movies. I shot with a stereoscopic homemade camera the places of Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Home Alone, Pretty Woman...
I recorded the video slideshow of my 3D pictures on a VHS.

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Photographs on various medium - 2008

«After the era of digital and dematerialisation, pictures became even more suspects, accused of manipulation and stopped being considered as proofs of any kind. The objects shown in this exhibition have been collected to restore the facts.»

Proofs is a series of undetectable montages on several device to make true my wish. Each pictures has been designed to fit with a specific screen or paper so it looks real. One will be shown on the vintage cell phone it has been supposely shot, another one on an army microfilm viewer. The legends of the pictures are fictions, some elements as sound and videos are extracted from ufology research.